Me and my dog at Larrabee State Park

Monty and I in Larrabee State Park!

Hi, my name is Steph and welcome to Full Spectrum View™! This has been a dream of mine for quite some time, so to finally see this post live on my site is very special to me. First things first, let’s get this out in the open: I have autism.

There, I said it!

It’s something I’ve been trying to hide for a long time, especially to the general public, but not anymore. Besides, it doesn’t get more general public than blasting it out to the internet for the world to see, right?

So, now you may be wondering if this is going to be just another autism blog like so many out there. My answer to that is I hope not! I’ll be sharing my story as this grows, but my goal is to offer my own unique perspective as an adult woman who wasn’t diagnosed until my late 20s.

I will share my triumphs, struggles, epiphanies, and everything I’ve learned along the way, even what my day to day life is like, like how I “adult” as someone with an invisible disability.

I am looking forward to growing this site and would love to have you along for the ride! Whether you are on the spectrum too, know someone who is, or even are just generally curious about what it’s like, thanks for visiting!